Ensure Customers are Subscribed to Emails in Lightspeed

Having customers subscribed to emails in Lightspeed will ensure they are receiving the appropriate emails in WorkstandIQ.

By default, Lightspeed has customers unsubscribed from emails within the customer record. Here's how to make sure your customers can receive the appropriate emails.

  • During checkout in Lightspeed, pull up the customer record, or create a new one, and click Edit.
  • Check the consent boxes for "Yes I have consent..." unlock the options, check "Email", and click Save. When the transaction is complete, the customer's email address will be added to your subscriber list, and will be able to receive emails.

If these are not checked and the transaction saved, the customer is considered unsubscribed from emails. They will appear in the Unsubscribes list with the reason "Unsubscribe in POS".

For additional assistance or questions, feel free to contact us.

Note: During the customer's next visit, the checkbox next to "Yes I have consent..." may not be checked, but as long as the box next to "Email" is checked, they are subscribed.