Google Merchant Center Setup Guide

Display your products in Google's Shopping tab for free.

Google now displays products in the Google Shopping tab for free. This feature will help you connect with even more customers when they are searching for and are ready to buy the products you sell. Set up your Google Merchant Center account now and connect it to your website right away.

Your business and website must follow Google's Merchant Center guidelines. Merchant Center will audit and suspend your account if it finds you do not. Make any necessary updates to your website as needed.

  1. If you don’t already have a Google Merchant Center account, go here to create one.
    1. Select country, enter business name, and select your timezone. Click Continue.
    2. Select email preferences and accept Terms & Conditions. Click Continue.
    3. On the Choose the programs that fit your objectives screen, check the box next to Surfaces across Google. Click Continue.
    4. Confirm information is correct and click Create Account.
  2. You should now be in your new Google Merchant Center account. Now there will be a pending task to "Set up surfaces across Google." Click Continue.
    1. Click Add product data.
      1. Under Multiple Products click Create Product Feed.
      2. Select your country of sale and language, check the box next to Surfaces across Google. Click Continue.
      3. Set Primary feed name to SE Google Feed, select Scheduled fetch. Click Continue.
      4. Set the fields on this page to the following:
        1. File name: SE Google Feed
        2. Fetch frequency: Daily
        3. Fetch time: 1:00 PM
        4. Time zone: (GMT-07:00) Mountain Standard Time (Denver). Be sure to set this to Mountain Standard Time, not your own timezone.
        5. File URL:
          1. In Admin, navigate to Marketing > Google Shopping, and toggle the slider to on, and save changes.
          2. Click the copy (clipboard) icon next to the right of the Download File button. This will copy a URL to your clipboard.
          3. Return to Google Merchant Center and paste from your clipboard the copied URL. The URL should look similar to the following:
          4. Username and Password are not needed.
        6. Click Continue.
        7. Click onto the feed you just setup. On the new screen click Fetch Now in the top right. Give this a few minutes to complete its process.
        8. It will take Google a few hours to fully process your feed. During the time, you may see errors or processing status in the Products section of the Surfaces Across Google setup. Give it time and once everything is set on Google’s end the Products section will be marked as complete.
      5. At the top of the screen, click Back to surfaces across Google.
    2. Click Set up tax.
      1. Select the option that aligns with how you handle your sales tax and follow the steps to complete the setup.
      2. Click Save.
      3. At the top of the screen, click Back to surfaces across Google.
    3. Click Set up shipping.
      1. Click this link and scroll down to Step 1: Service settings and follow from there on to set up your shipping. You’ll want to align your shipping options as close as you can to the active shipping options in Admin.
      2. Once you’ve completed the shipping setup, click Back to surfaces across Google.
    4. Click Verify and claim your website URL.
      1. Enter your website URL including https://www.
      2. Select an option to verify your URL:
        1. I have a Google Analytics account: This option is the easiest if you have access to your Google Analytics and are using the same email for this setup that you use to login to your Google Analytics.
        2. I have the Tag Manager container: Unless you have Google Tag Manager experience, this is not recommended.
        3. I have access to my server:
          1. Select Add an HTML tag to my homepage and copy the code shown.
          2. Log in to Admin and navigate to Settings > Marketing > Custom Tags > Advanced Settings > Additional Header Tags.
          3. Paste the copied code and click Save changes.
          4. Publish changes by clicking the bell icon at the top of the screen.
          5. Navigate back to Google Merchant Center and click Verify URL.
      3. Click Claim URL.
      4. At the top of the screen, click Back to surfaces across Google.
    5. Check the box under Review policies.
    6. Under Program settings enter a link to your website's shipping information page (It is also a good idea to include return and refund information on this page as well).
    7. Click Activate.

      If you need help setting up your Google Business Profile or Merchant Center, or if you would like to explore google advertising to augment your campaigns, reach out to our Marketing team for assistance!