Abandoned Cart Emails

Encourage customers to complete their purchases with automated cart abandonment emails.

If a customer abandons their cart during the latter stages of the checkout process, they'll receive an automated follow up email from your shop encouraging them to complete their transaction. 

  • How does it work? Abandoned cart emails are triggered after a customer has gotten to the last stage in checkout but hasn't completed their order. If their cart sits unmodified for an hour, we will send a reminder email to the billing email the customer entered. We do not track customers by any other means and we do not purchase email lists from other services.
  • How do I set the from address?  These emails will be sent from the address you have set for order confirmations in Order Notices.
  • Can I customize the message? Not at this time. We developed this so you can encourage customers who haven't yet made up their mind to place their order. We analyzed the language on multiple major e-commerce platforms and decided on messaging that should work well for most merchants.
  • Can I opt out? At this time no. In order to deliver this feature, we built it as always-on. We plan to add this feature in a later software updates.
  • How do I gauge the effectiveness? We have added a UTM that you can track in Google Analytics.

The UTM to watch for is:



Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 4.48.27 PM