Add Klarna On-Site Messaging & Financing Page To Your Website

Shop now, pay later with Klarna.

On-Site Messaging

Add the Financing Page

On-Site Messaging

  • Login to your Klarna merchant portal and navigate to On-Site Messaging > Installation.

  • You will see a box with code in it, click the copy to clipboard button.
  • Log into Admin and navigate to Settings > Commerce > Payment Settings> Klarna.
  • Check the "Activate On-site messaging box".

  •  Paste the previously copied code in the box that pops up.

  • Save changes

  • Results: Klarna On-Site messaging displays at the item level of qualified items.

Add the Financing Page

  • Navigate to your Klarna merchant portal and click on Placements. 
  • Scroll down until you see the landing page.

  • Click Copy To Clipboard in the code section below the preview of the landing page. 

  • Navigate back to Admin and go to Website > Page Editor.

  • Click "Add Page" then choose Responsive Page.
  • On the left side mouse over the Content Block Tab, scroll down, click on HTML, and drag an HTML section onto the page.

  • Click Create and add the title “Klarna Code”.
  • Paste the previously copied code into the HTML/Text Input section then Save Settings.
  • Click on Page Settings and enter the page title “Klarna Financing” 
  •  Save Changes and publish changes on your website.
  • Click Preview to view the page. It should look like this: 

  • Remove “?preview=true” from the URL, now it’s ready to use. You’re all done!