Admin Home Screen & Navigation

Get to know Workstand with an overview of the Admin Home Screen and recent navigation changes.

Home Screen

  • This is the first screen you see when you log into Workstand Admin.

Site & Sales Metrics

  • The top section consists of 3 tiles:
    • Website traffic
    • Sales
    • Sales revenue
  • These tiles can be changed to reflect data from Today, Current month, or Last month.

Key Tasks

  • The Key tasks list comprises task suggestions that, upon completion, will enhance business operations.

  • Here are some key tasks you could see on your home screen:
    • Capture payment
      • This is the number of online orders with authorized payments that have not yet been captured.
    • Fulfill orders
      • This is the number of orders in which neither store nor supplier fulfillment has been recorded within the order.
        • The default fulfillment status is "Pending" and remains so until it is manually changed. 
      • Recording store fulfillment within an order has no impact on the order status, nor does changing the order status record store fulfillment. 
      • To view a list of orders that need to be fulfilled, navigate in Admin to Sales > Website order search, select the desired date range, select "Pending" under Fulfillment Status, and click "Search".

      • Click here for more information on how to Fulfill Website Orders.
    • Review POS data errors
      • This is a list of SKUs from your connected POS that cannot be processed and thus mapped, usually due to missing information. 
        • We recommend addressing these errors as each SKU could be a product with inventory that isn't displaying on your site. 
      • Click this tile to download a file with a list of POS SKUs with errors.
      • The list will contain SKUs and their corresponding error.

      • To fix the errors, search for each SKU in your POS and add the missing information within the item details in your POS.

Recommended Tasks

  • The Recommended tasks list contains task suggestions that could enhance operations.
  • Here are some recommended tasks you could see:
    • Enable Financing
      • This is a suggestion to set up financing so your customers have more payment options which could increase your order completion rate.
    • Update homepage for SEO
      • This is a suggestion to update your homepage and states the amount of time since your homepage was last updated.
    • Pending mapping

Current Admin Navigation

  • The latest iteration of Workstand Admin is as follows:



Inventory (previously "Catalog")




  • This is only visible if a merchant has signed up for "Conversations."





  • This section includes areas of Admin that you are less likely to use daily and includes POS Sync, Commerce, Website, Account, Notifications, Fulfillment, Suppliers, Marketing, Images, and Files. 

Recent Changes

  • Location and name changes have been made to Your Items, Library Items, Open Orders, Order Search, Cash Register, and Reset Cache. The changes are as follows:
Previous Location Current Location
Catalog > Your Items Inventory > Product List
Catalog > Library Items Inventory > Library Products
Orders > Open Orders Sales > Website Orders
Orders > Order Search Sales > Website Order Search
Settings > Commerce > Payment settings > Cash Register Sales > Cash Register
Content > Home Page Website > Home Page
Content > Page Editor Website > Page Editor
Display > Banner Editor Website > Banner Editor
Display > Footer Editor Website > Footer Editor
Content > Navigator Builder Website > Navigator Builder
Display > Template Publisher Website > Template Publisher
Display > Reset Cache Website > Publish Changes