General Site Settings Recommendations

Enable these settings to optimize your site for the best results

Display Manager

Settings > Website > Store Information  > Store Hours

  • Set specific hours, per location if applicable


Order Notices

  • Enter email address for confirmation emails (what your customer receives)
  • Enter email addresses for the people on your staff who should be notified when an order is placed.


Stock Status Management

Here's what we recommend for stock status settings 


Sales Tax

Settings > Commerce > Sales Tax

  • Input sales tax rate for every store location and select the states or provinces where you have nexus (need to collect sales tax).

Catalog Settings

  • Shopping Cart: Display products with prices  and with shopping cart

  • Edit Shopping Cart Message: Blank

  • Edit Order Confirmation Message: Thank you for placing an order with us
  • Robot Control = Allow

  • In-Store Pickup Message: 

    • For shops offering Pickup In-Store Only

      Screenshot 2020-04-22 08.05.13
    • For shops offering Home Delivery & Pickup In-Store

      Screenshot 2020-04-22 08.05.30

Supplier / Brand

Supplier Sync

  • Check all Suppliers that you work with.

  • Set Supplier Preference, for instance if you prefer to order from QBP, put them at the top of the list, and so on.

  • Ship From Labels: name each warehouse and set Shipping Time.

  • Custom Prices: Yes

  • POS Sync Pricing Integration: Yes

  • Supplier Promotions: Select Suppliers to participate in their promotions automatically

Supplier Fulfillment