Communicate via text message with your service clients in Work Orders.


  • Conversations is Workstand's new text communication app available within work orders in Admin.
  • Using Conversations you can send text messages, images, and emojis to any customer that has opted in to receive text messages.
  • Reaching out to your customers with questions and updates about their bikes will be easier than ever.
  • Conversations is currently only available within work orders. 

Getting Started

  • Our Client Success team will collect some basic business information and use that to set up your Conversations account.

How It Works

  • Once setup is complete, every saved work order will have a Conversation box.

    • The Conversations Inbox link will also be added to the main navigator in Admin.

  • To send a text message, click into the "type a message" area and begin typing.
  • Click "Send" to send the message.

If nothing happens when the "Send" button is clicked please ensure there is a phone number present for your customer. 

  • Here is what your customer receives:

  • Conversation continued:


  • The Conversations Inbox is where all new messages can be viewed and can be accessed by clicking on "Conversations" in the main menu in Admin. 

  • The number to the right of Conversations indicates how many unread messages you have.

  • The inbox is sorted with the most recent message received at the top and unread messages will be marked.
  • Click on a thread to view and respond to the entire message.

    • Any correspondence sent or received in Inbox will also be visible within the corresponding Work order in the Conversations box.
  • To keep a message displaying as "Unread" (so others know there is a new message), click the box next to "Mark as unread" in the upper right corner of the text box. 

Fun Facts

  • Conversations are associated with the customer, so when a new work order is created for a customer that you've previously texted with, that text history will automatically populate in the latest work order.


  • Conversations is free with all Workstand subscriptions (Website & POS) through Fall 2024.