Create Individual Personal Shopper Web Page

If you offer virtual consultations then you can choose to use this method to create a good consumer experience.


Many retailers are choosing to offer virtual consultations, similar to the popular Backcountry Gearheads program. You may choose to meet with your customers via phone, text, email, Facebook Messenger, or third-party chat integration.

Regardless of your communication method, you can create a personal page with your recommendations for your customer to make their shopping experience easy.

This method is best suited for high-value shoppers. For smaller purchases, you will likely choose to simply send customers a hyperlink on your website.

Example Use Case

Your customer is shopping for an electric bike for commuting to work. After learning the customer's needs, a member your team could create an individualized copy of the personal shopper page with several catalog carousels.

  • Recommended electric bikes
  • Safety and security accessories
  • Bags and racks

Merchandise on your homepage

You can add a contact option to your homepage in many ways. We created an option for you to use as a template.

Import and Organize Personal Shopping Page Template

We created a template you can use for creating individualized shopping pages.

  • In Admin navigate to Website > Page Editor and click the Page Library tab. Search for "Personal Shopper"
  • Click the yellow Import Page icon, choose which folder to file the page in, and set the page to Active.
    • Consider creating a new folder named "Personal Shopper" to keep the subsequent copies of this page to be in one place.
  • Click on the Your Pages tab, and locate the Personal Shopper page in the folder where you filed it.

Click here to preview the Personal Shopper page template.

Copy and Personalize Pages

The page you imported from the Page Library is a template. The intent is for you to create a copy of this template to personalize for each high-value shopper.

  • In Admin navigate to Website > Page Editor. Open the Personal Shopper folder you created.
  • Click the blue Copy Page icon to the left of your template page.
  • Click the green Edit Page icon to the left or your new COPY.
  • Rename the page with the customer's name.
  • Follow the how-to instructions you'll find within an inactive section at the bottom of the page.

Customizing Product Carousels

To offer the best experience for your customers, customize each relevant product carousel with specific items for that customer.

Share With Your Customer

Once you have a personalized page created, simply save the page, publish changes (Website > Publish Changes), and share the page link with the customer. You are then able to maintain that page as you continue to work with the customer in refining their shopping experience.