Creating a Catalog Carousel

Display a group of catalog items on any responsive page.

We are unique in that we have the only content management system that is pre-populated with tens of thousands of current cycling products that can be displayed on your website. These products can be displayed based on availability in your store or a connected IBD supply chain.

Drag CAROUSEL section onto page

On any responsive page, including your homepage.

  • Hover over the page blocks selector in the upper left of the page editor
  • Hover over section titled CATALOG
  • Drag section titled CAROUSEL onto your desired page location

You will now see the following section on your page.

Screenshot (39)

Modify Catalog Carousel section

  • Click "+Create" in the upper left of the section
  • Within the "Basic Settings" tab, enter a title for the section and check the box if you want site visitors to see the title. Common names might be "Popular Electric Bikes" or "In-Stock Mountain Bikes".
  • Within the "Selection Parameters" tab you will see several options to refine the products that will display in your carousel. Select any combination of parameters to meet your desired products. The most common filters are Category, Brand, Availability, and Current Price.
    • For maximum specificity you can choose to display items using "Item ID". You can find the Item ID easily on your consumer website by navigating to an item and then selecting the item number displayed near the end of the web page URL.
  • Within the "Display Options" tab you can adjust the final settings:
    • Carousel display is recommended, allowing a condensed display that consumers can scroll through.
    • Set the number of items you want to display. We rarely choose to display more than 20 items.
    • Select whether you want a button to display directing visitors to view a full catalog list of all products that meet your Selection Parameters.
  • Click "Save Settings"
  • You can "Save Settings" at any time during this process and adjust using the Edit option. 
  • Click "Preview" to see how your carousel will appear to site visitors

Save Changes to the page

Click "Save Changes" in the upper right of your page editor

  • Preview changes by clicking "Preview"
  • Display changes on your website by publishing changes (Website > Publish Changes).