Creating Catalog Link Pages

Easily create a page featuring a select group of items drawn from Your Catalog based on parameters you select, such as Brand, Category, or Sale Items.

Creating a Catalog Link Page

To start, go to Website > Page Editor, click the "Add Page" button at the top of your screen and select Catalog Link from the page type list.

Display Options

  • Display Standard Catalog Home Page
    • This creates a link that will bring users directly to the catalog where they can then filter to get to the product they want to see.
  • Display All Categories
      • This creates a shoppable mega-menu in the navigation and is the recommended choice for your Cycling catalog. You can create one mega-menu for an entire catalog or smaller, more specific mega-menus for categories such as Bikes or Parts.
      • Also a great choice for additional catalogs like Snow Sports or Used Inventory.
  • Display a List of Items Based on the Selection Parameters Below
    • Create a page using a variety of options to curate the list of products you want on a page.

Introductory Text

  • Write a short piece of text about the products grouped on the page. This text is good for search engines so include keywords and links targeted to your local region. 

Selection Parameters

Checking the box next to any parameter makes it active, leaving the box unchecked will prevent the parameter from inclusion.

  • Select between: Categories, Brands, Specials, New Items, Feature Items, Gender, Availability, Current Price, Item ID, and Model Year.
    • Add as many parameters as you need to get the products you want to display.
    • Each parameter you select narrows the results.
    • The Item ID parameter works using the 6-digit Library ID in the URL.
      • /product/cannondale-supersix-evo-hi-mod-disc-ultegra-di2-363341-1.htm
    • Model Year must be active in the overall catalog in order to use the model year parameter.
  • Display Options - set the default sort of the catalog page.
  • Advanced Settings - set a short title tag and meta description.