Customers Dashboard

View email analytics for the transaction-based emails in WorkstandIQ.

  • Once logged in IQ, go to Customers > Dashboard.
  • Overall Performance is a graphical display of the email performance, there are toggle switches in the right-hand corner to toggle information on / off.  Hover over the lines on the graph to see the information for the data points.
  • Campaign Performance lists each of the email campaigns that are set up along with the number of emails Delivered, Opened, and Clicked.
  • Press the arrow button on the left-hand side of each campaign to expand the campaign to see the analytics for the individual emails within each campaign.
  • To the right of each email there is a pencil icon, press this icon to view/edit the email.
  • At the bottom of the last email, the "+ Add New Email To Campaign" can be pressed to be taken straight to that campaign to add a new email to it.
  • The "New Account Verification" and "Password Reset" campaigns are for the rewards program.  The edit pencil can be pressed to edit them or go to: Customers > Dashboard > Rewards > Customer Messages to view and edit those emails.
  • Above the graph, toggle over to the "Customers" tab to view the top shoppers in the last 30 days and links to view their profiles.

Note: If your rewards program has not been set up and you would like to do so, visit our Help Center article or contact our Client Success team for assistance.