Cycling Sports Group (CSG) Brand Exclusions & Restrictions

Learn about brands and products that are ineligible for, or require manual override, for Supplier Sync.

Supplier Sync Brand Restrictions

Why are certain brands or categories restricted?

  • Restrictions on certain brands or categories can occur either at the request of a supplier or directly from the brand itself.
  • If you have any questions regarding Cycling Sports Group's exclusions and restrictions, please contact Cycling Sports Group directly.

Supplier Sync Default Brand Exclusions

  • Certain brands are automatically excluded from Cycling Sports Group Supplier Sync by default.
  • If you have dealer or supplier approval to display these brands or categories on your website, you can override these exclusions.
  • Our Help Center article on Supplier Sync has more details on how to make these adjustments.
  • If you're unsure about your dealer status for these brands, reach out to Cycling Sports Group for clarification.


Excluded Categories

Cannondale All Categories
Charge Bikes All Categories
GT All Categories
Schwinn All Categories