Order Export Settings

The Order Export option sends online orders to your compatible POS System. No need to re-create or copy/paste order information from website to POS System.


Lightspeed Users Instructions Here

Generate URLs and enter them into your POS System

  • There are one or more URLs that need to be entered into your POS System.
  • Click View / Hide URLs to show the actual URL that should be entered into the POS interface.
  • Enter the appropriate URL(s) into your POS System.
  • For more information about how to set this up in your particular POS, see the integration page.

Export Options

  • Status Change - Once your POS successfully imports a web order, our system can automatically change the order status. The default setting changes the order from "Received" to "Being Processed."

  • Variation Information - Variation details are exported differently for retailers using Microsoft RMS point of sale.

  • Export Mode - You may export orders manually or you can have them set to export automatically.

    • Automatically mark new orders for export. 

      • This will mark all orders for export as soon as they are in your Order List screen. If you request supplier fulfillment before the order export, it will not export until the supplier marks the items as Shipped or Canceled.
    • Automatically mark orders for export once all items have been marked as Fulfilled.

      • This will only set orders to export once all supplier and in-stock items have been marked as Fulfilled.
  • API Version - Default to Version 2.



  • Place a test order and go through the (virtual) fulfillment process after setup to confirm it works as expected.

  • Orders imported to your POS become layaways (Ascend) or quotes (Lightspeed).

  • Complete the order fulfillment status for all items in the sale within Admin if you selected the second Export Mode.
  • If manual payment capture is turned on, capture the payment within the order.
  • After completing the order in your store, your POS may send information back to your website, changing the sale status to "Completed". If not, confirm that your Export URL contains order status.