Integrating with Facebook Catalog

Open up additional ecommerce avenues by linking your products to shoppable Facebook and Instagram posts.

You'll need to configure a few settings in order to make your website products compatible with Facebook and Instagram. This requires advanced technical knowledge and is not covered by our standard support. 

  • Create a Facebook Business account -
  • In Facebook's Catalog Manager, create a Facebook Catalog.
    • Select E-commerce.
  • Navigate to Product Data Sources inside your newly created catalog.
    • Select Add Products.
  • Select Use Bulk Upload.
  • Select Scheduled Feed.
  • In Admin, navigate to Settings > Marketing > Google Shopping.
    • Copy the link to your Google Product File using the clipboard icon.
  • In Facebook, paste the URL to your product feed.
    • You can schedule your desired interval on the next page.
  • Name your data source and input the default currency.
    • Click Upload, and your file should start processing.
  • Once the file is processed, navigate back to Products.
    • You should now see products in your Facebook Catalog.

Make sure that your Facebook Business account and Instagram are connected so you can create shoppable posts on Instagram as well as Facebook