Gift Card Setup

Import or create a gift card to display and sell on your site.

Import a Gift Card

  • A gift card can be manually imported to your site if you're on the Professional website package.
  • In Admin, navigate to Inventory > Library Products.
  • Search for "gift card."
  • Click the preview icon and make sure it matches what you're trying to display.
  • Check the box in the Import/Update column and click the Import/Update Items button at the bottom of the page to import the gift card into your products.

    For local website package subscribers please contact client success and we will add it for you. 

      Fill In Item Details In Key Tabs

      • General Tab - A good item description is usually 50 - 100 words long.
        • You can add to what is already filled in here.
      • Prices/Stock Tab - Set an MPN (copy that MPN into your POS so they map) and BOH at the bottom of the screen.
      • Fulfillment/Shipping - Check the box to enable shopping cart.
        • Check the boxes to enable Pickup and Ship.
      • Images - Ideally, your original image should be 2000 pixels wide or tall for the best zoom, however, images only 700px wide or tall can be used too. Original images will auto-generate the smaller main, thumbnail, and micro-images.

      Preview & Publish

      • Once you're done saving your changes, use the preview link at the top of the page to see how it will display on the site.
      • When ready, check the "Display item in catalog" checkbox and Save Changes. 

      Creating a Gift Card From Scratch

      • In Admin, navigate to Inventory > Products.
      • Click on the "Add Item" button.
      • Fill out a few key fields on the Add New Item form and click Continue. An item must have a Brand, Model Name, and Category.
      • If your shop's brand is not available in the pull-down menu, add that brand in Settings > Commerce > Brands.

      Fulfillment & Redemption

      When a gift card is ordered, you will have all of the customer information as you would with a regular order. You can then generate a gift card within your point of sale to be used in store and deliver it to the recipient using the selected fulfillment method.

      If you would like to offer gift cards as an option at checkout, you can create a custom payment type called “Gift Card”. You will use the option to “Post Offline Payment” for orders paid with a gift card. Funds will not be collected from the gift card in your point of sale when using a custom payment method. Be sure to train all staff fulfilling orders to Collect Payment for these sales.