In-Store Sale Fulfillment

Fulfill partial or unfulfilled in-store sales and update their status.


  • When a sale is created, it will appear in the In-store sales list which is found by navigating in Admin to Sales > In-store sales.
  • When a sale that only includes special order products is completed, the default fulfillment status in the In-Store Sales list will be "Unfulfilled".
  • When a sale that includes both special order and non-special-order products is completed, the default fulfillment status in the In-Store Sales list will be "Partial".
  • Follow the steps below to fulfill unfulfilled sales, add off-line payments to Unpaid sales, and update the sale status.

Fulfill Special Order Items

  • Paid sales for special order items will display as "Paid" and either "Unfulfilled" or "Partial" in the list view.

  • Once the Special order items are added to a Purchase order and received, you can fulfill the sale.
  • Click on the sale in the list you'd like to fulfill, then select "Fulfill Items" at the bottom of the Unfulfilled box.

  • On the next screen select the Pickup in-store Fulfillment option, set the Quantity to fulfill, select a Pickup date and Pickup time (optional), and then click "Fulfill Items".

  • In the sale details the item will now show as "Fulfilled" and "Ready for Pickup".

  • After the items are picked up by your customer, set the sale status to COMPLETE.

Complete a Paid Sale

  • Sales paid in full where no special order items are present are marked as Paid and Fulfilled in the In-Store Sales list.
  • If the products on the sale have been fulfilled, change the status from NEW to COMPLETE.

  • Once the sale status is changed to "COMPLETE", the sale will be removed from the Sales List as it no longer meets the default sales list view.

    • If you wish to view your completed sales, clear the default filters and filter by "Completed" sales.

Use Pay Later

  • At this time, payment for sales and work orders where Pay Later is selected must be taken off-platform and recorded using the "Add off-line payment" button.

  • This allows you to note that payment was taken off-platform.

Taking additional payments on existing sales and work orders is coming soon.

Refunds & Exchanges