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Pending Mapping

Map items that don't have exact GTIN (UPC) matches to get as much inventory on your website as possible.


GTIN Matches

MPN Matches



  • Pending Mappings typically happen when a potential match is based on MPN, which is not a unique identifier.
  • You’ll review each item once, the system will remember when you tell us it is or is not a match.
  • To review your Pending Mapping, go to Settings > POS Sync > Process Items and click the top gear icon.
  • On the left are items in your POS system, on the right are items from our library, or your product list, if you have created items.
  • The center column contains what information matches between the two systems.
  • The system looks for matches based on GTIN (UPC) or MPN in your POS system.
    • Select Remember unchecked items and don’t show them to me again if you know you're making the right selections and omissions.
    • Select Ignore unmapped (unchecked) mappings... to leave the potential item on the report so you can do further research, or make corrections to your POS.

GTIN(UPC) Matches

  • If the center number is red, the match is on the GTIN.

missing sku mappingchoice

  • If the item on the left IS the same as the item on the right, check the box in the Map column.

  • If the item on the left IS NOT the same, don’t check that box.

  • Confirm the items are the same using the links on each side. The POS side links to a detailed inventory view, the Web side links to a preview of the item as if it were on your website

  • When the choice of multiple options is on the left, such as duplicate GTINs as seen above for the first GTIN, correct the problem in your POS system. Ignore these until your POS data isn't duplicated.

  • When the choice includes the red text noting MPN/GTIN mismatch/SKU missing from POS file, follow the steps in our POS Sync article.

MPN Matches

  • If the number is black, the match is on the MPN.

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 11.48.56

  • Select a check-box, only if the item is the same on both sides.
    • In the first item, you would pair it with the Sentinel 2.
    • In the second item, you would leave it unchecked because it matches neither of the options.


  • When working with MPN mappings, we never automatically map items
    • Too many brands have common MPNs so you must make the choice even when there is only one option.
  • When mapping via MPN, ensure the items truly match, because the POS price will display regardless of what it's mapped to.
    • If a set of training wheels (POS side) and carbon wheels (website site) shared an MPN, and were accidentally mapped, the carbon wheels would display the low price of the training wheels.
  • Be sure to review Missing SKU Mappings each time you review Pending Mapping.