Point of Sale Hardware Recommendations

The tools you need to move forward with Workstand POS

The Workstand point of sale will run on almost any computer, laptop, or tablet (Devices). We recommend Chrome as the browser of choice to support the platform.

Because you can look up products by name, and email receipts, other hardware is not required, but will make the sales process easier and more efficient.

Barcode Scanner

To ring up sales or receive purchase orders a barcode scanner can be very helpful. A wireless scanner makes it easier to do inventory and cycle counts, but any scanner that works with your device will work.

Receipt Printer

You can choose to print either a Standard receipt size of 3 1/8” (80mm) wide thermal paper.

Or choose 8.5x11 for things like work orders. Any standard printer that connects to your device will work.

At this time, you choose print and select the printer each time you'd like to print.

Label Printer

Our point of sale is designed for a variety of label /price tag sizes. You can set your default size each time you print a label in a Purchase Order.

  • 2.25 in (w) x 1.25 in (h)
  • 2.00 in (w) x 1.00 in (h)
  • 1.25 in (w) x 1.00 in (h)

Credit Card Reader

For the most seamless integration and fewer steps at consumer checkout the BBPOS WisePOS E terminal offered by Stripe is recommended. The smaller, less expensive, Stripe card reader will not work at this time.

You can use other card readers but they will need to be operated manually for each transaction.

Cash Drawer

There is currently no integration with a cash drawer that would open the drawer when cash is the payment type. You can use any cash drawer that has a lock or combination to keep your cash safe in the store.