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POS Sync

Get your point of sale system to send your up-to-date inventory every night, and control what items appear on your site from that inventory.

Set Up

Weekly Maintenance


Lightspeed Users Instructions Here

Set Up

  • Settings > POS Sync > POS Sync Settings (for non-Lightspeed users)
  • Check the box at the top of the screen to Enable POS Sync.
  • Select your POS system from the dropdown and Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 08.35.58

  • Click Generate a New FTP Password.

  • Take the login information you will receive in the POS FTP email and enter it into the Inventory Upload/Export area in your POS.
  • For further instructions on how to properly set up your POS system, look here.

Other Settings

  • Import & Display best practices are shown below. If your site is brand new, these are your standard settings. We recommend making your settings match these if they do not already.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 08.36.08

  • Regular/Sale Pricing checkboxes ensure the product on your website matches the pricing in your POS system. Best practices are shown below.
  • Notifications will email you when there are items trying to map to your site, or if a file hasn't been uploaded or processed for your site in a number of days.
  • POS Flags are for users of Microsoft RMS point of sale. Other point-of-sale systems may also be affected if you select these flags. 

Multiple Store Locations

If you have multiple locations, a different part of this page will appear.

  • Locations you make in Store Information will appear on the left.
  • The dropdown menus on the right will have locations as named in your POS.
    • Select the location name that matches and save changes at the bottom of the page.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Settings > POS Sync > Process Items: Review pending Mapping and map items. This could be as frequent as daily, depending on how often shipments arrive that may contain new products.

  • Settings > POS Sync > Mapping Search: Select ‘Missing SKUs' then select Delete all MPN/GTIN Mismatch / Missing SKU Mappings. These are items that used to be in stock but are no longer included in your file.

  • Inventory > Products > Mapped = No: Select the Delete Display and review items in your catalog that are not mapped to confirm whether they should remain on your site. 

    • Check the Delete checkbox to remove items no longer needed. Save changes.

    • Any Library item deleted reverts to the Library and can be imported again.

    • Products you created that are deleted cannot be recovered.

  • Inventory > Products > Display In Catalog = No and Only Items We Added = Yes
    • Products you created that are no longer in stock become inactive.
    • If you will get more of these items back in stock, leave the item so it can re-activate when POS Sync shares positive balance on hand info.
    • Delete any items that you will no longer stock.


  • If you get a notice that your point of sale has not sent a file, check with your point of sale provider to determine next steps.
  • Check our guides for Troubleshooting Pricing and Troubleshooting Products to learn more about getting products to appear, incorrect prices, and more.