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QuickBooks POS Integration (Legacy)

For retailers on older versions of Quickbooks, the BengalCore app was used. This app is no longer available to new users.

Set Up

Connecting QuickBooks to your website

  • qb-sidebar (1)Open BengalCore, and make sure it is running at all times. It can be minimized, but not closed.
  • Input the Company Name exactly as it appears at the top of your QuickBooks application Window
  • Enter ftp://posftp.smartetailing.com in FTP Upload Site, and the User and Password provided in the POS FTP email you received.
  • Check the box to automatically upload nightly, and set a desired time.


Putting Items on Sale

  • Click the Get Inventory button at the top left of the application.
  • Enable sales for any items you want to show up on sale on your website
  • You can also remove items from displaying on your website
  • Once you've finished modifying items, click Export Inventory
    • Every subsequent upload will keep these changes until you manually reverse or change them

Installing BengalCore

  • Purchase the software, download and install the software
    • BengalCore works with Quickbooks POS up to version 12.
  • Enter the Customer Name and Key as shown in the email you received after completing your purchase through PayPal
  • You may be asked to enter your QuickBooks POS Admin password.
    • This is a sysadmin password, not an individual user password, this is critical to the function of the software.
  • Once BengalCore is open, make sure to input Company Name exactly as it appears in the top of your QuickBooks application window. This is not the same as the Customer Name in your email from BengalCore.
  • Exit and restart BengalCore after inputting all your information, otherwise it will not have saved.

Other Upload Issues

  • BengalCore must remain active in order to upload a file automatically. You can close QuickBooks, but BengalCore must remain active on your computer. It can be minimized, but not closed.
  • If your QuickBooks database is located another physical computer, make sure the Server Machine in BengalCore matches that information.
  • When installing BengalCore, make sure you've entered your QuickBooks sysadmin password, not your personal user password
  • Make sure the Upload Automatically checkbox is checked