Search Engine Optimization

Create content that is meaningful for visitors, but also scores well with search engines so you get the best visibility possible.

There's a lot of misinformation about what does and doesn't benefit your SEO scores, but here are some tried and true methods that help you win with search engines and customers

Title Tag

An import marker to help people remember where they are if they have multiple tabs open.

  • To edit, click the green pencil next to any page in Website > Page Editor, then click Page Settings > Advanced.
  • Make this short, fewer than 60 characters.
  • An ultra-basic summary of the page, Service & Repair, Bike Rentals, etc.
    • Your homepage should include the following within the Title Tag; Bike Shop Name | City/Neighborhood
      • Mile High Bike Shop | Denver
      • Windy City Cycles | Chicago
      • Big Apple Bikes | Midtown

Meta Description

A short but meaningful description of the content on a page.

  • To edit, click the green pencil next to any page in Website > Page Editor, then click Page Settings > Meta > Meta Description.
  • Keep this down to two or three sentences, fewer than 160 characters total.
  • This description appears in search engines and helps to guide visitors to your site.

Page Title Suffix

This gets appended behind the title tag on any page.

  • Add a suffix under Settings > Marketing > Custom Tags.
  • Don't add more than your shop name, neighborhood, or city.

Content Creation

Create content that is helpful and digestible for your visitors.

  • Create new pages under Website > Page Editor > Responsive Page.
  • By creating simple but readable content, you're more likely to get people to your site, and your shop.
  • Search engines rank based on the readability of pages, if you're stuffing keywords into written content, users and search engines alike will dislike you.
  • Create new content at least once a month to continue to engage your visitors.

Homepage Updates

Keep your homepage fresh and engaging.

  • Give visitors a reason to come back to your site regularly.
  • Promote in-store and online sales, local events, and more.
  • Update your homepage at least once a month.

    Google Analytics

    Understand who is visiting your site, and where that traffic is coming from.

    • Get started with a Google Analytics account.
    • Follow our instructions for adding your tracking code in Settings > Marketing > Custom Tags > Google Analytics.
    • Learn more about your site visitors and tailor your marketing to tap into new markets.

    Additional Resources

    Read our articles written by our in-house SEO wizard: Why You Shouldn't be Afraid of SEO