Supplier Fulfillment: LTP Sports (Canada)

Drop ship qualifying LTP Sports products directly to consumers from Admin.

LTP Sports Retail Fulfillment Services integrates with the Supplier Fulfillment interface so you can request fulfillment (drop-ship) from LTP directly to your customers within each online order or sale in Admin.

The Professional website package is required to utilize LTP Supplier Fulfillment.

Request Approval

  • You must apply with your LTP sales representative and let them know they want to turn on Supplier Fulfillment with us.
    • There is a short approval process. 
  • Once approved by LTP, please reach out to our Client Success team and request LTP Sports Supplier Fulfillment be added to your account.

Enable Supplier Fulfillment

  • Once the Client Success team has confirmed your Retail Fulfillment Services approval with LTP they will activate it on your account. 
  • This setting can be viewed in Settings > Suppliers > Supplier Fulfillment.

Configure Your Site for Ecommerce

  • Connecting your website to a drop-ship program empowers you to sell product that directly ships from a supplier warehouse.
  • Your website needs to be configured to properly display LTP products and transact with consumers online.
  • Ensure your Order Notices are configured.
  • Place a test order (being sure not to select a brand in the Brand Exclusion list below) and request fulfillment to fully understand the process.

Order Processing

  • Begin by navigating to Sales > Website Orders.
  • Click on the order you would like to view.
  • Scroll down to Order Contents.
    • Click the "Request Supplier Fulfillment" button below the line items.
    • Any items that can be fulfilled by LTP will appear in the resulting pop-up modal.
    • Select the warehouse you want to fulfill each item from and confirm item quantities.
    • Click Submit.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the order and mark it as "Being Processed," or if you've created a status for supplier fulfillment, label the order status accordingly, and click Submit & Back.
  • Create a purchase order in your POS system, and then receive it, so your inventory balances correctly.
  • Note the brands that are excluded from Supplier Fulfillment. Product fulfillment requests from these brands will be canceled.
  • See more information about Fulfilling Online Orders.

Order Notifications

  • You should receive email notifications with confirmation of receipt of the fulfillment request, as well as confirmation of shipment with tracking information from LTP.
    • Please reach out directly to LTP for any questions regarding their email notifications.
  • If you'd like your customer to receive an email shipping notification when their product(s) ship you can turn this on in Settings > Notifications at the bottom of the page under "Email Notification Settings".

    • Toggle the setting "on" and click "Save Changes".
    • The shipping email notification sent to your customer will look like this: