Supplier Fulfillment: Specialized

Drop ship qualifying Specialized products directly to consumers from Admin.

S-Fulfillment integrates with the Supplier Fulfillment interface so you can request fulfillment (drop-ship) from Specialized directly to your customers within each sale or order in Admin.

The Professional website package is required to utilize Specialized Supplier Fulfillment.

Request Approval

  • To get started, fill out this S-Fulfillment Opt-In form.
  • Once we receive your opt-in request our Client Success team will reach out to Specialized on your behalf to request approval.
  • Specialized has created a how-to document to help you understand setup and ordering.

Enable Supplier Fulfillment

  • Once the Client Success team has confirmed S-fulfillment approval with Specialized they will activate it on your account. 
  • This setting can be viewed in Settings > Suppliers > Supplier Fulfillment.

Configure Your Site for Ecommerce

  • Connecting your website to a drop-ship program empowers you to sell product that directly ships from a supplier warehouse.
  • Your website needs to be configured to properly display Specialized products and transact with consumers online.
  • Ensure your Order Notices are configured.
  • Place a test order (being sure not to select a brand in the Brand Exclusion list below) and request fulfillment to fully understand the process.

Order Processing

  • Begin by navigating to Sales > Website Orders.
  • Click on the order you would like to view.
  • Scroll down to order contents.
    • Click the "Request Supplier Fulfillment" button below the line items.
    • Any items that can be fulfilled by Specialized will appear in the resulting pop-up modal.
    • Select the warehouse you want to fulfill each item from and confirm item quantities.
    • Click Submit.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the order and mark it as "Being Processed," or if you've created a status for supplier fulfillment, label the order status accordingly, and click Submit & Back.
  • Create a purchase order in your POS system, and then receive it, so your inventory balances correctly.
  • Note the brands that are excluded from Supplier Fulfillment. Product fulfillment requests from these brands will be canceled.
  • See more information about Fulfilling Online Orders.

Order Notifications

  • You should receive email notifications with confirmation of receipt of the fulfillment request, as well as confirmation of shipment with tracking information from Specialized.
    • Please reach out directly to Specialized for any questions regarding their email notifications.
  • If you'd like your customer to receive an email shipping notification when their product(s) ship you can turn this on in Settings > Notifications at the bottom of the page under "Email Notification Settings".

    • Toggle the setting "on" and click "Save Changes".
    • The shipping email notification sent to your customer will look like this: