URL Builder

Create shortened URL tails to make memorable links to important pages on your site.


Create URL


  • Advertising is hard enough, and advertising using huge URLs is even harder. If you're having a sale or want an easy-to-remember link for service, this is where URL builder comes in handy.
  • You can also print the shortened URL on advertising, include it in marketing e-mails, etc.

Create URL

  • Navigate to Settings > Website > URL Builder and click "Add New URL".

  • Check the Active box to make the URL active.

  • Create the name for the URL, something simple like "repair," or "sale."
    • There are 5 pre-fixes listed, each of these URL's will work for any URL you create.  
      • www.bikeshop.com/for/sale (for, four, or 4 will all work)
      • www.bikeshop.com/to/sale (to, too, two, or 2 will all work)
      • www.bikeshop.com/goto/sale
      • www.bikeshop.com/find/sale
      • www.bikeshop.com/get/sale

URLs must always include one of the following: yourshop.com/for/, /goto/, /find/, /get/, or /to/.

  • Using the drop-down arrow, select the folder in which you would like the URL to reside. 

  • Add a start and end date if the URL is for a sale or a limited-time page.

  • If desired, enter any relevant comments.

  • Select an internal page for the link to direct to.

  • Enter the External destination and click "Save changes".