In-Store Sales Screen

Create and process new sales in Workstand POS.

Create a New Sale

  • In Admin, navigate to Sales > New Sale or search for "new sale" in the search bar at the top of Admin.
  • This will open the New sale screen and the first step will be to Attach customer or Add product.

You can attach a customer and add products in whichever order you choose,
depending on your preferred workflow.

Attach a Customer

  • Customer information is not required to create a sale.
  • Use the search bar under Attach customer to search by first name, last name, email address, or phone number. Search results will appear as you type.

  • Select the customer and click "Attach Customer"

  • If you don’t find the customer in the search, click “Create Customer”.

  • Enter the customer’s information, then click "Attach customer". An email address is the only required field. First name, last name, and phone number can also be entered at this point.

    Screen Shot 2023-10-04 at 11.27.48 AM

Add Products

  • To add products to the sale, use a bar code scanner or the search bar under Add Product.

  • A screen will open with products and their availability. 
  • (Optional) For a more detailed look at product availability, click the down arrow in "Product Information" to see exactly where the product is.

  • Select a product and click "Add to sale". Products that are not currently available in store will be automatically flagged as Special Order.

  • Update quantities as desired.

Note: If you add an item to a sale that is not currently available in store it will automatically be marked as a Special Order. A list of Special Orders can be found under Inventory > Special orders. Here is more information on handling Special Orders created this way.

Serial number tracking at the item and sale level is coming soon. To record a serial number with a sale, please enter it in the Comment field.

Add Custom Products

  • To add a new non-catalog product to a sale, click "Add custom product".

  • In the modal that pops up, add a Product name, Price, and Quantity, then click Add product.

  • The custom item will appear on the sale screen as a line item. Tax will be applied to the item and included in the total costs.

Note: Custom products do not exist in your online catalog. The "Email as cart" button will not function if there are custom products in a sale.

Add a Discount

  • Click the down arrow to the left of the item to enter a discount.

  • Enter the discount amount for any line item on the sale.
  • Choose either dollar or percent.

Convert to a Work Order

  • You may want to convert a sale to a work order if, for instance, you have already started a sale for some components and the customer then informs you that they need the parts installed.
  • To convert a sale to a work order, click More actions.

  • Select Convert to work order from the dropdown

  • The header text will change from New sale to New work order, and a Service notes field will appear.

  • You can use the same process to convert a work order back to a sale.

Find more information on work order creation and management here.

Add a Comment

Comments are not visible to the customer, but are logged to the comment record of the sale for internal reference. You can add a comment of up to 200 characters to a sale:

Discard a sale

  • To discard a sale that you're drafting before taking payment, click More actions.

  • Select Discard sale from the drop down.

Take Payment

  • Click "Take payment" on the right side of the screen.

  • Select the payment type.

Take Credit Card Payment

  • If you are using our Stripe integration and the BBPOS WisePOS E terminal, confirm that the terminal is turned on and connected.
    • A message stating "Terminal connected" will display at the bottom right of the sale screen.
  • Click "Take payment".

  • Select "Credit card".

Note: Customer details will display in the blank space above "Pay later".

  • The sale total will be displayed on the terminal for your customer.
  • Have your customer swipe, insert, or tap their card or compatible device.

  • The terminal will display “Processing”, then "Remove card".
  • Once the card is removed the terminal will display "Approved".
  • Simultaneously the sales screen will display “Payment processing”, then “Payment complete”.

    See Stripe Card Reader Setup Instructions

Take Cash Payment

  • Click "Take payment".

  • Select "Cash".

  • Enter the cash amount and click "Take Payment"

    • Note: If your cash register is closed this is noted at this point.
    • You will be presented with the option to Start a new session, which you can do from this screen, adding a comment if necessary. Learn more about managing the cash register here.

  • The amount of change due will appear, along with the options to "Print receipt" or "Start new sale".

Take "Pay later" Payment

  • Click "Pay Later".

  • Click "Confirm".

  • A confirmation message will then display with the option to print and/or email a receipt and start a new sale.

Print/Email a Receipt

  • Once the payment is complete you can choose to "Print receipt", "Email receipt", or "Start new sale".
  • Select "Print receipt" to print the receipt.
    • Receipts can be printed on a desktop printer on 8.5" x 11" paper. Thermal printing is coming soon.
    • You can alternatively choose to save the receipt as a PDF.
  • Select "Email receipt" to send your customer an email copy of their receipt.
    • You will be asked whether you want to send the receipt to the email associated with the customer, or if you'd like to enter a different email address.
  • If you choose to print the receipt, you can subsequently choose to email it as well. Likewise, if you email the receipt you can still choose to print it.
  • Select "Start new sale" to exit the sale and go back to the New sale screen.

Note: Creating a sale automatically decrements your inventory in Inventory > Products for the products on that sale. If you have an external POS connected via POS Sync you will need to export your sale or adjust the inventory level for the products separately in that system.

View Completed Sales

  • The In-store sales list will show all of your completed and canceled sales.
  • Navigate in Admin to Sales > In-store sales to view the sales list.
  • For more information on the Sales list, click here

Additional Info

  • For more information on how to manage orders for your website, click here.