Turn on Your Shopping Cart

Follow these steps to allow customers to purchase items through your website.

Activate a Payment Method

  • Navigate to Settings > Commerce > Payment Settings.
  • Set up Stripe or Authorize.net, Klarna, PayPal.
  • After connecting a payment gateway (or multiple), be sure to toggle it on so it's available for your customers at checkout. 

Configure Sales Tax

  • Navigate to Settings > Commerce > Sales Tax.
    • Add sales tax (if applicable) to your locations.
    • Select the states where you need to collect sales tax.
  • For more details on how to set up Sales Tax, click here.

Set Up Shipping Methods

  • Navigate to Settings > Fulfillment > Shipping Methods.
    • Make sure your shipping methods reflect your preferences.
    • Ensure you at least have In-Store Pickup or Home Delivery active.
    • If you are comfortable shipping, make sure your rates cover your potential shipping costs.
  • Click here for a more detailed explanation of how to set up shipping methods.

Set Order Notices

  • Navigate to Settings > Notifications.
  • In the Order Confirmation email box add the email address you would your consumers to see as the "from" address when they receive an order confirmation email from you.
  • In the Order Notification section add all employee email addresses you would like to receive notifications when online orders are placed.

Turn on the Cart

  • Navigate to Settings > Commerce > Catalog Settings.
  • Change the radio button at the top to read "Display products with prices and with shopping cart."
  • Save changes and then publish changes.