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Product locator software with the best dealer network.

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Installed on brand websites

Buy Local Now is a service that connects ready-to-buy consumers with local stocking retailers.


Local bike shops can report inventory data and receive free qualified local referrals.

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Local bike shops reporting


Consumers referrals annually


Local purchases from referrals

Product locator software

Brands install Buy Local Now on their website to show consumers immediate local availability at local bike shops and intuitively links to retailer websites.

  • Brands offer a fast local purchase option for consumers and support stocking retailers
  • The largest and most established data network in the bike industry
  • Riders are one click away from buying from a local shop
  • Any retailer with a compatible point of sale can participate for free
  • Retailers get the sale and Workstand doesn’t collect any referral fee

SmartEtailing Connects Brands and Retailers

Brands participating in Buy Local Now

Bike shops join for free

Any local bike shop with a compatible point of sale system can sign up for a FREE Buy Local Now subscription - no Workstand website required. Retailers with a Workstand website offer consumers a superior shopping experience because shoppers are one click away from your product on their ecommerce website.

Buy Local Now Works For Bike Shops

Low IT investment for brands

Workstand connects brands with shoppers regardless of company size or resources. We’ve made it easy to integrate Buy Local Now into brand websites by providing a pre-built modal and easy, plug-in coding. As a Buy Local Now member, brands have access to a direct point of contact ready to assist as needed.

Buy Local Now and SmartEtailing Make Shopping Easy

Enhanced options available

Buy Local Now Pro is a fully customizable, native website integration that allows brands to deeply integrate retailers' stock data directly into product detail pages and checkout. Our aggregated product inventory feed includes quantities on hand to support flexible installation for brands. Buy Local Now Pro requires individual dealer opt-in because of the increased data visibility.