Product Locator

Connect with ready-to-buy shoppers

Buy Local Now is a product locating platform powered by Workstand that connects consumers visiting brand websites with your bike shop.

How it works

A supplier adds a Buy Local Now button to product pages on their websites. The button shows consumers immediate local availability and guides them to purchase from your shop.

Valuable website traffic

Consumers visit supplier websites to learn about the products they want to buy. Once a shopper finds the product they want, Buy Local Now links from the supplier's website directly to yours. Qualified shoppers create more sales. Valuable inbound referral traffic improves SEO.


Bike shops join for free

No catch, no contracts, no margin lost. The service is free to all bike shops with a compatible point-of-sale because we are committed to the success of independent bicycle dealers. You don’t need a Workstand website, but you will get more value and offer a better experience for consumers.

Included with every subscription

If you already have a Workstand subscription, no action is required. Your bike shop is automatically included in the Buy Local Now service. We offer this service to help you get more website visits and sales. We are a partner in your success.

Connect with Buy Local Now.