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Connect your Lightspeed point of sale to SmartEtailing using our new, stable integration.

For hosted website users it will bring your inventory data from Lightspeed into your website in a new way that will require re-mapping of your online catalog items.

If you’re using our platform for Buy Local Now, Cannondale Ride, Giant WebLink, or QBP Bike Inventory Online, the new interaction is required to get you connected to the brand sites.

  • Plan on 30 minutes or so after initial setup to go through your Pending Mapping. As always, products with a UPC can map automatically when there is only 1 matching product on our side and on yours.
  • You will need to enter a Lightspeed username and password into your SmartEtailing website’s site manager. We recommend that the store owner or manager set up the integration and select the settings.
  • For retailers using our hosted services, the new integration can also send online orders to Lightspeed for inventory and sale tracking, coming into Lightspeed as a completed sale using the Order Exporting settings.

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If you have questions about the integration or need our assistance setting it up please schedule a time to talk with us.