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Workstand is the industry’s premier provider of integrated supply chain solutions. Ecommerce websites display warehouse inventory alongside local inventory and drop ship programs empower retailers to sell more with lower overhead. These same warehouse integrations streamline in store selling, purchase orders, and special orders and reduce friction in the wholesale process.

in store shopping

IBD channel success

Workstand’s commerce solutions are used by bike shops everywhere. The industry’s largest network of supplier integrations helps retailers sell more with less overhead. Integrations empower retailers to display, sell, and ship an expanded inventory - giving local bike shops the best consumer selection around. When suppliers partner with Workstand, everyone in the IBD channel wins.



The best way for suppliers and bike shops to partner for ecommerce success.
Suppliers provide warehouse data to Workstand all day so consumers and retailers have accurate information.


Balance on hand information for every item informs what consumers see when shopping online. In store staff can make informed choices when ordering.


Pricing can be fluid and retailers largely only maintain prices for local inventory. MSRP is accurate online for consumers and in store for special orders.


Promotional pricing with start and end dates make online pricing consistent. Closeout labels help sell through aged inventory by getting deals in front of consumers.


As an extension of Supplier Sync, suppliers can add drop ship capabilities that help dealers
who advertise on Google sell more and get consumers their orders faster.

Efficient Selling

Retailers can manage all their sales in one place and request drop shipping with one click.

Less Overhead

Allow retailers to leverage supplier inventory and logistics to boost sales.

Faster Delivery

Customers get online orders faster with direct shipment from supplier warehouses.

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