Workstand. For the business of bikes.


Workstand provides commerce software, marketing services, and data solutions to help independent bicycle retailers and suppliers sell more in-store and online. We don't just have subscribers, we have clients and partners.


Workstand is committed to the long-term success and sustainability of local bike shops because we believe these businesses are an important part of every cycling community.


Workstand isn’t your typical software company or your typical bike industry company. We are a small business serving an important niche that strives for mutual success for every retailer and supplier in the IBD channel.

Exclusively for bike shops and cycling suppliers

Trusted by one in four local bike shops

Sincere in how we connect with our partners

Led the ecommerce revolution for local bike shops

Startup funding provided by 25 local bike shops in 1999

Cycling industry’s largest data and integrations network

Deliver value for neighborhood bike shops and regional chains

In-house retail marketing department

Exceptional and friendly customer support team

Free educational content for bike shops

Active supporters of the NBDA and PeopleForBikes

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