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Activate your retail partners

Share your catalog content with Workstand to engage the industry’s largest and highest quality network of bike shops. Catalog content powers ecommerce websites in every region so consumers can engage with your products everywhere. Content makes it easy for retailers using our POS, special order, or purchase order features to do business with you.



We offer flexible ways to share and update your data.
Our data enrichment team will prepare applicable products for ecommerce websites.


Retailers sell more online

Managing data for thousands of skus is a major business pain point for retailers. Our experts will take care of everything from catalog creation to management to maintenance. With Workstand, retailers provide consumers an intuitive and data-rich shopping environment comparable to premium nationwide specialty sports retailers.


Workstand’s product catalog encourages mutual growth for both brands
and their retailers by reducing friction and growing sales opportunities.

Online Engagement

Consumers research online before in store and online purchases. When bike shops have catalog data for your brand then your product is more accessible for consumers to browse and buy. The selling potential of bike shops grows.

Search Engines

Workstand structures product data to appear in Google search results. Every website can connect to Google Local Shopping at no extra charge, and easily upgrade to paid advertising to attract more shoppers.

Local Marketing

By sharing your product data, you empower bike shops to tailor their marketing efforts and connect cyclists directly with the appropriate product from your brand. Local marketing compliments your national strategy.

Accurate Information

Bike shops displaying accurate and consistent product data maintains your brand's integrity. Ensure that customers receive reliable information about your products, fostering trust in your brand.

Easier Ordering

Your data is readily available at the register and back office. Staff placing a special order have details at their fingertips. Buyers visit fewer B2B sites for information. Receiving your product is fast and accurate.

Consumer Experience

You can reduce the amount of online searching a customer needs to do in order to find complete information. The fast in store checkout process makes convenient shopping at their local bike shop.

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