Website Quick Start Guide

How to log into Admin and get your website up and running as soon as possible.


Log In to Begin Site Setup

  • Before your site is live, you'll have a temporary address for login, like this:
  • Once your site is live you will go to your website and add /admin, like this:
  • Enter your user name and password. Choose "Forgot" if you can't remember your user name or your password. You'll need to verify the email that's associated with your account.

Site Settings

  • Update your business contact information so we know who to get a hold of for financial and website decisions.
  • Update your store locations so customers know where you are and how to contact you.
  • Set up POS Sync and send your first inventory file to your site, this populates your site with accurate inventory, and shoppable products before you launch your website.
If you need any help completing these steps, please contact your onboarding rep or our Success team.


Template Publisher


  • Select a homepage from the homepage folder in Page Library that represents the brands and feel you have for your bike shop. Or start from the one we've already set up for you.
  • The Responsive Page Editor is the foundation of changing the way your site appears to customers. Learn more about customizing your pages below.
  • Workstand offers everything from custom page creation to full marketing programs for your site. Talk to someone on the marketing team about your needs today.


    • Edit the Responsive Footer on your site to include links to your most important sales and service pages, as well as update your address and phone number.

    Your Products

    • Make sure your point of sale is sending us a file nightly, and check your File Upload Log for the newest file in our system.
    • Set up which suppliers you work with, and share your inventory to their websites using Supplier Accounts.
    • Control which suppliers' inventory appears on your site using Supplier Sync.
    If your POS isn't sending us a file, please contact us for help setting it up.

    Turn on Your Shopping Cart


    • Personalize the pre-configured pages on your site and learn to how edit Library Pages.
    • If you've imported pages, add them to your Navigation Bar.

    Google Analytics

    • Get the most accurate picture of the traffic and visitors on your website by setting up Google Analytics.